This little
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Storing Up!



October 21, 2006


When I saw this little squirrel at Moon and Back Graphics last night, I could not resist it. Bev, of Moon and Back Graphics is an amazing photographer and always has great web graphic sets for us who depend on artists like her to create our web pages. Bev took these photos in the Tetons and she swears this little squirrel was smiling at her when she photographed it!

We both agreed that this little squirrel is a perfect messenger to remind us all to prepare in case of emergency.

Thank you, Bev!


Time for Storing Up

Home is Petaluma, California.
Beautiful Sonoma County, Wine Country,

Earthquake Country!


But no matter where you are, disaster can strike any time, any where, and taking a few steps to prepare can save your life.

There are several sites that can help you prepare and I will list some of these sites here.

Because I spend at least nine hours a day outside my home, I have a preparedness kit in my car in case disaster strikes while I am away from home. I am still in the process of gathering my emergency kit for my home.

The following sites will give you tips and help you plan in case of disaster.

acorn Are You Prepared? (Excellent site that covers just about everything)

Icon Pet and Disaster: Be prepared (Don't leave your pets behind)

Acorn FEMA

Acorn USGS Earthquakes

Acorn Sonoma County Public Health


Help your neighbors prepare an emergency supplies kit.

And don't forget your pets

Make sure to visit the folks at:

Petaluma Sandalwood

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